Terms and Conditions


How nice that you are visiting the website of our Bed & Breakfast ‘De WiedenWeide’.

When you make a reservation at ‘De WiedenWeide’, the following general terms and conditions apply. We look forward to welcoming you as a guest in Wanneperveen.

Gise & Riëtta

1. Definitions

Lead Guest

The person who made the reservation through the website, a contact form, e-mail or telephone contact. The Lead Guest must be 18 years of age or older and is responsible for his or her fellow guests and must have a permanent residence address.


The person who manages the Bed & Breakfast as owner of ‘De WiedenWeide’ or on behalf of the owner of ‘De WiedenWeide’.

Third Party

Any other (legal) person who is not a guest, manager or owner.

Contact & Reservations

Reservations can be made via our website www.wiedenweide.nl, by sending an e-mail to: info@wiedenweide.nl, or by telephone by calling telephone number: 0646033433


Revocation or dissolution of the definitive reservation within the applicable term.


The entire period between check-in and check-out.

2. Bed & Breakfast ‘De WiedenWeide

1.1 General Discription

Bed & Breakfast ‘De WiedenWeide’ is described on the website : www.wiedenweide.nl

This website has been compiled with the greatest care, but there may be differences between the text and/or photos presented on the website and the current situation at ‘De WiedenWeide’ at the time of the visit by our guests.

No rights can be derived by the guests from such differences.

1.2 Rooms

There are 4 rooms available: three 2-person rooms and one 4-person room (wheelchair friendly)

All rooms at ‘De WiedenWeide’ have a private bathroom with shower, washbasin with hot & cold running water, toilet and the use of linen is included.

The Wieden Suite is suitable for 4 persons and is wheelchair friendly.

Pets are only permitted in the Suite on request.

1.3 Chck-in & check-out

Time for Check-in is between 16.00 and 18.00.

The check-in time is a guideline time. However, if you arrive later or earlier, please always contact us by phone. If we are not present for a while, we can still make sure that you can enter your room.

Deviating times are only possible after consultation.

In order for us to clean the rooms, you must leave them before 11 a.m. on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed.

1.4 Breakfast

Breakfast starts between 08:00 and 09:30 in our garden room or, if desired, in the room.

In good weather conditions, you hae the opportunity to have breakfast outside on the terrace of the garden room.

Different times for breakfast are only possible after consultation with us.

If you have special wishes for breakfast, gluten-free, low-salt, vegetarian, etc., please indicate this when you make the reservation with us. We will then see what we can do in consultation.

1.5 Parking

You can park your car on site. Parking is at your own risk. There is currently only the option to charge your electric car with your own charging plug. A fee is payable for charging your car.

1.6 Cycling

You can bring your own bicycle and place it in our closed bicycle shed. This is entirely at your own risk. You can also rent bicycles from us. Bringing bicycles into the rooms or the hallway is not allowed.

1.7 Use of spaces and grounds

The manager will inform you which places are availableto you at Bed and Breakfast De Wiedenweide.

The private spaces may not be entered by guests.

The outside area also has partitions for common and private use. It is very much appreciated when gueasts do not enter the private areas.

2. Prices

2.1 Current valid prices

The prices of the rooms are described on our website www.wiedenweide.nl

Prices include full breakfast, use of towels and bed linen, water and electricity and cleaning, use of WiFi and final cleaning.

2.2 Surcharge for 1 night

A surcharge is applied for stays of 1 night.

2.3 Cancellation cost

The prices do not include the costs of cancellation and/or travel insurance and/or other costs.

2.4 Tourist tax

The mentioned room rates are exclusive of tourist tax. These costs are stated on the booking confirmation.

2.5 Changes

Prices of Bed & Breakfast De Wiedenweide are always without obligation and can be subject to interim changes.

2.6 Obvious mistakes

Bed & Breakfast De Wiedenweide is not bound by obvious errors on its websites.

3. Reservation and payment

3.1 Reservation

Reservations are made via the website or by e-mail or telephone number as published on the contact page.

3.2 Final confirmation

3.2.1 Online booking

When booking via the website (online booking), the booking is final if you have made the payment via the website.

3.2.2 Booking by email or telephone

With a reservation by telephone or by means of email, you will receive a message from us as soon as possible with the relevant information and whether the desired room is definitely available. In this case, the booking will only be final by confirming the reservation request. If we have not received a confirmation from you after 48 hours, the reservation request will be canceled immediately.

3.3 Payment

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment is made in advance when booking on the website (iDeal or credit card).

For last-minute reservations, the amount must be paid in cash or by card on arrival.

4. Cancellation Policy

4.1 General

When a definitive reservation for the Bed & Breakfast has been made and confirmed, the following applies to cancellation of that reservation:

Cancellation more than 14 days in advance is free of charge.

If canceled from 14 days to 10 days before the arrival date, the cancellation fee is 25%.

If canceled from 9 days to 6 days before the arrival date, the cancellation fee is 50%.

If canceled 5 days or less before the arrival date, the cancellation fee is 100%.

In order to be eligible for a refund of the paid amount, you must notify us of the cancellation as soon as possible by e-mail.

After consultation, the agreed amount will be transferred to you as soon as possible, but at the latest within 21 days.

There will be no refunds in the event of early departure, cancellation costs will also be owed if you do not show up (No Show).

4.3 Force majeure

Bed & Breakfast De Wiedenweide can cancel the reservation agreement in the following cases: in case of force majeure, natural disaster, extraordinary weather conditions, fire, death of the owners or family, hospitalization.

In one of these cases, the owner will provide the guest with an alternative offer as soon as possible.

If this is not possible or if the guest does not accept the offered alternative, the full amount will be refunded.

Any other damage resulting from the cancellation will not be reimbursed by the owner.

4.3 Insurance

You must take care of a cancellation and/or travel insurance yourself.

5. Complaints

We try to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Despite our good care, it is still possible that you have a complaint or comment.

In order to be able to solve this properly, we ask you to inform us as soon as possible on site, by e-mail or by telephone.

6. Liability

6.1 General

Bed & Breakfast De Wiedenweide cannot be held liable for damage suffered by the guest or third parties as a result of staying in the room concerned, the guest indemnifies Bed & Breakfast De Wiedenweide against such claims.

Bed & Breakfast De Wiedenweide is not liable for malfunctions in and around the accommodation, such as disruptions and failure of power, WiFi, water supplies and technical installations, as well as construction and/or roadworks that have not been announced or have been announced untimely in the vicinity of Bed & Breakfast De Wiedenweide.

6.2 Theft, damage etc.

Bed & Breakfast De Wiedenweide accepts no liability for loss, theft, damage or accidents caused to persons and/or goods during or as a result of staying in the room(s) concerned at Bed & Breakfast De Wiedenweide.

6.3 Damage by guests

The Lead Guest named in the reservation confirmation is responsible for an orderly course in and around the room(s) concerned.

The belongings must be handled with care, the room must therefore be left tidy and decent.

This also applies to the use of items in the Bed & Breakfast such as: the kitchen, the garden room, the indoor and outdoor area of Bed and Breakfast De Wiedenweide.

Any damage must therefore be reported immediately to the owner by the guest.

Any repair and/or replacement costs must be immediately reimbursed by the guest to the owner at his first request.

If, after checking out, it turns out that items have been left damaged and this has not been reported to the owner, the invoice for the repair and/or replacement costs will still follow.

7. Security

7.1 Fire and smoking

For your own safety and that of the entire Bed and Breakfast, it is forbidden to smoke inside the rooms or use an open fire. Use of burning candles inside is not allowed.

Smoking is only allowed outside on the grounds surrounding the Bed and Breakfast as long as you do not cause a nuisance to other guests.

Use of the wood-burning stove in the Wieden Suite is only permitted after a short instruction from the Manager how to burn responsibly and an explanation of the fire extinguisher present. It is not allowed to leave the Wieden Suite unmanned with a burning wood stove. It is also not allowed to go to sleep with a burning or smoldering stove.

The misuse of fire/extinguishing agents or disabling the smoke detector is not permitted.

7.2 Miscellaneous

Other facilities in the yard should be used with care by the guests and in accordance with the intended use.

The safety of any small child must be guaranteed by the parents or supervisors.

Think of pets, locks, cars, tractors, shovel, lawn mower, horses and wagons, sheep, surrounding highways, bicycle paths, water canals etcetera.

It is not allowed to feed the animals in the yard without consultation, including our own dogs.

8. Final provision

8.1 Applicable Law

Insofar as not provided otherwise in the rules of private international law, these terms and conditions are exclusively governed by Dutch law. Non-English speaking guests are deemed to agree with the general terms and conditions.

8.2 Competent court

All disputes arising from the user agreement or these terms and conditions will be settled in the first instance by the competent court in the Netherlands, insofar as the rules of private international law do not provide otherwise.

8.3 Miscellaneous

None of the parties can transfer its rights and obligations to third parties unless otherwise provided in these terms and conditions.

If and to the extent that any provision in the user agreement and these terms and conditions should prove to be invalid, the other terms and conditions will remain in force and the invalid article will be deemed to have been converted in such a way that it is brought into accordance with the apparent intentions of the parties.